Vemma Fast Start Training

New member must watch

Vemma Fast Start Training [by Vemma Millionaire in Malaysia - Norsalehin]

3 Steps in Vemma:

1) Step 1 – Get leads

Free marketing or Paid Advertisement. Refer to Vemma Team Alpha Training Hub – Marketing Training

2) Step 2 – Following up / Closing

Watch video below

3) Step 3 – Online & Offline Training

Online Training Hub – Vemma Team Alpha Marketing Hub

Offline Internet Marketing Training – will be informed by emails (Singapore / KL, Malaysia)

New Members Guideline

**Know Your WHY in Vemma Business. If you are here to achieve your financial and time freedom like our Malaysia Millionaire Salehin, make sure you follow Leaders success method:

1) Join Skype Team Chat

2) Join Webinar and invite PE to join Webinar

Tuesday 10pm (Singapore / Malaysia)  –

Thursday 10pm (Singapore / Malaysia) –

Saturday 9pm (Singapore / Malaysia) –

3) Commit at least 2 hours per day in Vemma

Month 1

Week 1 – Go through VTA New Member Training & Understand what is Vemma and Vemmabuilder (attend webinar training)

Week 2 - Build a Vemma blog & Facebook profile (follow VTA Training Blogging & Facebook Training)

Week 3 & 4 – Follow 3 steps in Vemma stated above – get leads, following up + closing, online & online training

Enroll at least 2 new members.

Month 2

Upgrade to Ultimate Pack if you really serious and commit in this business. And this is the fastest way to earn in Vemma. You immediately entitled 8 bonuses and earn Fast Start Bonus of US$400 per member when your direct enrolled member get Ultimate Pack. Your team members will do the same because you lead by example.

Ultimate Creates Leaders!

By now you will get Vemma cheques weekly!

Month 3

Continue enroll new members and teach the team members to do the same. Vemma Business is about 3 Steps Duplication.

“Never Give Up and Believe The Time is Coming!” – Jutawan Norsalehin

Wish You Success in Vemma and We See You At The Top!